Monday, April 20, 2009


I was reading Psalm 77 today, & I could relate to what Asaph was saying. Sometimes when I'm stressed & I cry out to the Lord, I don't feel any better because the circumstances causing the stress haven't changed. There are lots of things that cause stress, & I think there's usually physical sickness or lack of sleep involved. Sometimes it seems like there's no response from God. One thing to keep in mind is that God is eternal, so what seems like a long time to you is no time at all to God. Besides that, God's timing is always perfect, & He knows about factors that you don't know about. Asaph's comforting thought was to remember the wondrous works that God has done. Think about how He has blessed you so far, and trust that whatever the new thing is will work out well, too, at the right time.
What new adventure does God have for you when this chapter is finished?

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