Saturday, January 24, 2009


A little over a month ago, on my birthday, my mom & I went to watch Bolt at the movie theater. She had seen it already, but I hadn't, & I thought it was a great movie! My favorite line of the movie was when Rhino, the fat little hamster (or guinnea pig or whatever ...) said, "Sometimes things seem impossible, but you can make them possible if you are awesome!" (or something close to that)
In the context of the movie it was just funny, because Rhino & Bolt both thought Bolt had superpowers (i.e., he was "awesome"), but he really didn't--at least not in the way they thought he did. At first it sounded like a motivation for anyone to take on a challenge, but there was an underlying thought that you must be a superhero.

Let's think about that on a broader scale, though, & apply it to Matthew 19:26/ Mark 10:27/ Luke 1:37; 18:27. We overuse the word "awesome" (which doesn't bother me as much as when people misuse the word "literally," but that's another topic). As Elly told Devon (a.k.a. "Captain Awesome") on Chuck, "If everything is 'awesome', doesn't 'awesome' then just mean 'mediocre'? (or something along those lines)
The truth is, God is "awesome" for real, so we shouldn't doubt that anything is possible for Him!

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Brenda D said...

God is awesome! And He is way more powerful then we can understand! It is so simply that! Awesome!