Monday, April 27, 2009

What upsets you?

As American Christians many of us are quick to judge superficial things, but are we bothered by the most important things? Yes, sex outside of marriage is sin, & drinking alcohol is not a good idea because of how it affects you mentally & physically, but is it right to shun people who practice these things? God shows love & mercy! As Christians who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, we know better than to practice sinful lifestyles, but people are at different levels in their spiritual growth. I think a lot of people understand this, & some probably take liberty too far, but that isn't the main point I'm trying to make.

What should upset us that doesn't? The Bible is God's Word, & it is completely true! The things that are figurative are obviously figurative, & everything else should be taken literally in context. Does it bother you when people try to make God who they believe or want Him to be instead of who the Bible says He is? Does it bother you when people say certain parts of the Bible aren't true? God is not okay with people belittling Him & His Word, so you shouldn't be, either.

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Paul Joseph said...

Divine slander bothers me. People putting words in God's mouth. I think it is in Matt 7, Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for, "...teaching as doctrine the traditions of man." The American Church is famous for making God in their own image, creating a faith based on tradition and historical context and not on good theology and biblical understanding.