Friday, April 24, 2009

Is Bruce Wayne going to stay dead?

I don't know if Google searches bring up my blog, but maybe if I write about something people care about, more people will read my stuff. I wonder if anybody does read my stuff... Not very many people comment...
Anyway, I haven't read Batman R.I.P. yet--it's in the mail--but from reading other people's blogs it seems that Bruce Wayne was killed & someone will replace him as Batman. It doesn't surprise me that DC is going to kill another main character, but will he stay dead? Superman died, but since he's Kryptonian I think he was just mostly dead. Oliver Queen died & was even replaced by his son, but somehow Hal Jordan brought him back. Hal Jordan died & came back, too. Are we just going to have to wait & see? Barbara Gordon was shot & paralyzed, & she's still paralyzed, so maybe this is for real! (Even though none of it is actually real, is it?)

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ddunk said...

I read Bruce Wayne: R.I.P., and it doesn't seem like he was killed in that, but I'll have to read Final Crisis and see what happens in that story. I know Dick Grayson is Batman now and Bruce Wayne is missing, but Tim Drake doesn't think he's really dead. I don't think so, either, but I like Dick Grayson as Batman.