Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Place

When I started this blog my wife & I lived in Columbus, Ohio, & I was a legal assistant. Earlier this month we moved to Clarion, Pennsylvania. It's a smaller borough than Columbus, but it has a different kind of charm. We upgraded a little bit from a 1-bedroom apartment to a 2-bedroom with a garage, & I must say it's nice having an office! I'll start working part-time at the library in town next week, & this fall I'll begin studies at Clarion University for my Master's in Library Science.
It'll be nice for me having a job in the community so I can meet people, & one of the neatest things is the church we've decided to go to - Zion Baptist Church. It's a church with a larger congregation than the one we went to in Columbus, but there are a lot of avenues to meet people & build Christian relationships. As always, we'll have to wait & see what the future holds, but it's exciting to see what God is doing!