Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What would you do...?

An old friend of mine asked a question on facebook, & it got me thinking... [Well, she's not old - she's actually a little younger than me - but she was my friend back in the day. Actually, she was more my wife's friend before we got married than my friend, but I knew her, & it was actually not all that long ago... What about her? I lost my train of thought...]
Oh, yeah, she asked a question! This was the question: "If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do?" I think a lot of people ask themselves or others this question, & most people would answer something like "go skydiving" or "go bungee-jumping", & then someone else would say something more spiritual/noble like "do more to help others", & make everyone else feel bad. I suppose this is a good question to think about to see what you value in life, but it more specifically addresses what you have always "wanted to do".
I think for the Christian it's different, though. Having almost died once myself, I want what I do in life to be valuable. Here's the other thing: If there's something you dream of doing, & you know Jesus as your Savior, & you die before that dream is fulfilled, don't worry about it! You're coming back! This life isn't "it" & for any good thing you want to do now, you'll be able to do it so much better on the New Earth in Eternity!
Sure, it's great to do neat things now, especially when it glorifies God & helps others know Him, but if you're a believer in Christ alone for salvation from your sin, you're never going to miss out on anything!