Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Difference Words Make

I was just reading a little bit of my sister Emily's blog, & I recognized that she is a better writer that I am! I guess "better writer" is always a matter of opinion ("like you can even know that..."), & God gives us each different personalities & ways we do things so we can glorify Him in different ways. In any case, read Emily's stuff (see the link to the left); the way she writes really impacts you. Being "all grown up" we've gone our separate ways (although Michael, Lisa, & Emily are all at the same place...), my little sister has grown up so much! My other little sister is a mommy now - I feel so old!
Sorry for the digression... Emily words things in such a poetic fassion (hey, that almost rhymes!), & I don't so much. I love writing, but I tend to be more concerned with the information presented & using correct grammar than I am about what it sounds like. Some people try harder to make it sound good, & for others it just comes naturally. I can recognize artful wording, though, even if it's not really my style - although I do have a thing for alliterations from time to time.
Another anecdote: I was listening to someone express how helpful it can be to keep journals, & I've kept journals in the past & it meant a lot to me at those times, but it doesn't happen continuously. I like blogging because I can journal my thoughts, & share them with whomever wants to take the time to read them.