Monday, May 10, 2010

True Story!

I understand that the products you buy at Walmart are more likely to break, even if they are the same brand, than the same product bought anywhere else. For instance, Mongoose is a good brand of bicycle if you buy it in a bike shop, but the ones sold at Walmart are lower quality. In addition to that, the people at Walmart who assemble the bikes are not professional bike assemblers, so good luck.
I bought a watch at Walmart almost 2 years ago and I really liked it and had no problem with it, until this weekend. A friend of mine who used to work at Walmart was explaining how scientists at Walmart take otherwise good brand name products and figure out ways to make the ones at Walmart cheaper. Just as she finished saying this, my watch spontaneously broke apart beyond repair! What's up with that?!? I guess I'll just have to look at my cell phone to know what time it is until I find a place that sells quality wristwatches.

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