Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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I have been learning about the importance of a credit report, and it reminds me of my salvation. Even though I, like you, have sinned, Jesus Christ paid for my sin with His death on the Cross, so now there is no sin on my record. Anything done through me by the power of the Holy Spirit is credited to my account. My record is clear no matter what, but I want to live to match my record!

Someone said that the Bible says God will not hold it against you if you did not have a chance to know about him, but I'm pretty sure the Bible does not say that. God does not send anyone to hell--we are all already going to hell because of our sin, and only by accepting Christ's sacrifice for sin are we saved from hell to go to heaven. God has revealed himself to the world through his creation, and the law of God is written on our hearts (i.e. we know right from wrong), so there is no excuse. I believe the punishment for those who have heard the gospel and rejected it is greater than for those who never heard it, but only those who have accepted Jesus Christ alone for there salvation will go to heaven--so it is very important for those of us who know him to share the gospel with the whole world!

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