Monday, May 14, 2007


Re: previous post - If you don't like to think of yourself as a "grape" or a "pumpkin", "tomatoes" & "watermelons" would also fit the analogy. The point is, true Christians all bear the same fruit of the Spirit, but it can grow different ways.

I thought of another analogy that fits with the sovereignty of God in our salvation (keeping in mind that no analogy fits perfectly, but they can help you think) People are kind of like checker pieces that God moves around. He is able to move every piece, but when a piece is "kinged" it's kind of like when a person is saved. First, his identification is with the King (Jesus Christ), & also now he can be moved around much more - more useful to God. People are responsible for the choices they make, just like checker pieces reap the consequences of where they are moved. Now God doesn't make any mistakes as a person playing checkers can, so the analogy breaks down there; but the point is Someone Else is in control of your life, so yield your life to Him!

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