Monday, June 8, 2009


I've never seen myself as a mysterious person. I'm different from a lot of other guys in that I don't really like guns or sports all that much, but I'm pretty sure people know who I am & what I'm all about. I think a lot of people are mysterious but don't realize how mysterious they are. That, or maybe there just isn't much too them...
In pursuing my Master's in Library Science, however, I think I've become more mysterious. Most people really don't know what librarians do! All most library patrons see is the person who checks out books to them & put books back on the shelves, but those people are usually not even librarians--they are usually library assistants or volunteers, although the librarians do that, too. Some of my family wonder, "What is Library Science? Why do you have to go to grad school to check out books?" Someone may ask, "So, did you put away a lot of books today?" I do spend a good amount of time putting away books, but that's not the main thing. Lately I've been doing a lot of cataloging of new books. Think about all the books, movies, etc. that are in the library. Most of the time we are able to find whatever you are looking for in a few minutes. How do you think that's possible? Until you have actually worked in a library, & sometimes even after that, you will probably not understand what Library Science entails, so I guess that makes me mysterious!
As long as people know what it means to me to be a Christian & what I believe about the Bible, I guess that's all they really need to understand.

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